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Highway's Story
Highway to love

Highway is a special boy who was rescued after being dumped, not once, but twice.
He was left to die in an area outside of Port Augusta and whilst he found shelter on an old lounge he had no food or water and was injured badly. 
After a lot of TLC, time and loving he is now  very spoilt member of an amazing family who adore him, as you can see.

Bones's Story

Bones came into our care after being seized by the RSPCA early in 2016. I have never seen such a broken hearted pup who had all but given up. Bones was about 6 months old but only developed to the age of a 3 month puppy. He was so tiny and fragile. When we bought him home I honestly didn't think he would survive, you could see the pain and suffering in his eyes. He didn't want to fight, he had given up mentally while his weak body was still hanging in there.
We had so many mixed emotions to think someone could do this to such an innocent soul.
Bones was placed on a good quality diet of 4 small portions a day and with love we watched him regain his strength and a spark come back into his eyes.
Despite what he had been through he had so much love to give and had the most beautiful nature. He bonded with our cat Minnie and a little pup named Gizmo who we also had in care at the time.
Over the time Bones was with us, he made it his job to welcome any newcomer and become their buddy.
As the time was getting closer to find a new forever home for him we became very anxious.
We knew it was going to be tough.
In the meantime we received an application for another pup in care but didn't think it was a good match but the thought crossed our mind this could be a perfect home for Bones. I contacted the applicant and explained why I thought the pup they applied for wasn't a good match and told them about Bones and asked if they would be interested in meeting him.
Chris & Kate drove from Adelaide to Port Augusta to meet Bones and I have to say, what we saw was just perfect. Bones definitely chose them and they were happy to give him a home and family to love.
We met them a week later with Bones, ready to start his new life. We have been very fortunate to get regular updates and he could not be in a better home than with Chris & Kate. There have been trying times for them with Bones, but they have worked through them and stayed committed to giving him the life he truly deserves.
He celebrated his 2nd Birthday today with cake and a play at the dog park which is one of his most favorite things to do.
Thankyou Chris & Kate, Bones definitely left his paw prints in our home and our hearts and to see how amazing he looks today makes it all worth while.
Happy Birthday Bones xxx
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Faith's Story

EBONY {Faith}

What a gorgeous girl Ebony has grown into. She was our second puppyrescue, found in a front yard in a bad way. She was only about 6 weeks old but wanted to fight everything, we named her Firey Faith. She had survived some serious abuse and she had to learn to trust humans and other pups.
To see her today and how well she is doing is truly heartwarming. Ebony has a fantastic mum who loves her to bits. This was the perfect home for her as she needed that special person to understand her and continue to work with her and her strong personality.
Thankyou Tracey, she is one special girl

Stella's Story


Off the chain almost a year ago and into a loving home as a companiondog.
This story was very heartwarming. 
Stella needed a loving home with someone who had plenty of time and love to give.

Kym needed a companion he could share his time and life with.
They were so perfect for each other and both are doing really well and loving life.